Who Is...


Ditch The Duct Tape!

Who Is...


Ditch The Duct Tape!

About Us

Sem Express began in 2014 and was born as a result of my frustration with a number of things that I saw that plagued many small business owners.

  • They often struggle with sales. They want to focus on working with their clients but also have to focus on sales which results in a roller-coaster income. We want to show how to make consistent sales without all the stress.

  • Without measurable and trackable systems, relationships suffer. Hot leads that are never followed upon. Clients get lost during the onboarding process. Vendors who forget you exist. It's like a fisherman's boat that has a hole in the bottom. New connections are brought in but are slipping right back out the bottom of the boat. We show how to plug that hole.

  • In order to successfully grow a business, systems and automation are required. The fear is that automation is going to be cold and robotic. We teach how to make automation warm and nurturing.

  • Setting up an automated sales and marketing system used to require buying a lot of different software programs and them trying to figure out how to get them to talk to each other. The business owner doesn't want to also be the IT person. Therefore, we have our own technical support team as well as an ever-growing number of
    automation experts who are certified in our platform that can be hired to help.

Our entire team is dedicated to supporting you on this journey.

A little note about our tagline

Connections - Conversations - Currency

Marketing is how you make new Connections.

Conversations are how you move those connections through your sales pipeline.

Currency is the value both parties receive.

No tricky closes or manipulative tactics. A successful salesperson is a problem solver who builds relationships.

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