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What you get?

  • Click-To-Launch Real Estate Ads, 5X Your Sales & Launch Successful Ads In Seconds!

  • Over 12 core features with thousands of sub-features and customization options

  • Connect with hundreds of other platforms via Zapier or our direct integrations

  • 7-days a week support via live chat, ticket system, weekly live sessions, and much more

  • Variety of templates, examples, and processes to clone and customize right when you sign up!

  • And so much more as we are always updating, improving, and listening to feedback to make your experience better every day

Our Click To Launch Makes it easy for any Business Owner to run

a lead-generating campaign on Social Media ...

Even If You’re Not a "Techy Marketer"

What's Included?


Real Estate ads

Page & Website builders

automation customizer

Contact Management & Pipelines

scheduling & appointments

Email Builder & Custom Email Domain

Review Requests & Management

Customizable Surveys & Forms

One-Stop Conversations

Mobile App & Notifications

Invoicing & Payment Options

Social Media Posting & Planning

Sem Express Will Help You Become Tops In The Real Estate Industry!

  • We set up multipe Facebook Ads for real estate leads

  • We create unlimited CRM accounts for all members of your team

  • We create and customize all of your automated email and text messages

  • We create and customize all of your landing pages, forms and surveys

  • We instantly notify you when a new lead is generated

  • We instantly notify you when someone responds to an automated message

  • We provide training for you and your entire team

  • We provide you with a LICENSE to our Platform

  • We provide you with access to The Real Accelerator Pro

  • We provide you with access to our Marketing Suite 3.0 Ad Launcher

  • We provide you with access to our Mobile App so you can continue on-the-go

  • We provide you with all templates in English, German, French, Dutch and Spanish

  • We provide you with scripts and other resources to help you close more deals

Our Features

click-to-launch FB/IG ads

You're either overpaying for ad management or working through an outdated FB ad course. You now can access Ad Management quality lead generation within seconds of logging in! Hand Pick Proven Ads for Buyers, Sellers, Single Listings, New Construction Projects, and more!

Anyone can launch ads within seconds

Nothing! This Feature is Unique to Our Platform!

page & website builder

Use our drag-and-drop page tools to build anything you need for your business. No need for a hosting account, special software, SEO management, blogging, and more! Build sales funnels, landing pages, event portals, freebies, websites, and anything you can imagine.

(This is how this site was built!)

ClickFunnels, Kajabi, Leadpages, WordPress, Wix, and more!

automation customizer

Easily create multi-channel automation workflows. Our visual workflow builder allows you to connect with your audience and leads them through a variety of channels like appointment/event reminders, courses, newsletters, and more!

Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, Zapier, Hubspot, and more!

Email customizer

Use our highly customizable email builder to create beautiful, easy-to-read, formatted emails like newsletters and announcements! Use your own templates or one from our default ones.


Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and more!

Appointments system

For many businesses, the first introduction to automation is using a calendar scheduling tool. Allow your prospects and clients to self-book with you and receive automated confirmation and reminder texts, emails, and voice mails from you.

Acuity Scheduler, Calendly, Schedule Once, and more!

contact tracking pipelines

Use your customizable Sales Pipeline to measure your ROI and never lose track of any of your relationships. Track stats such as appointment rates, workflow effectiveness, even response rates, and so much more!

Pipefy, Pipedrive, Copper, Hubspot, and more!

conversation hub

This is a feature we've never seen before! All your conversations are streamed into the system in chronological order, regardless of where the message came from; text, email, social media, or a phone call. We provide you with your own virtual business phone number. No more giving out your personal number again or forgetting where you were talking with someone. Streamline your conversations by having them all in one place.


Nothing! This Feature is Unique to Our Platform!

Contact Management

Keep track of all your relationships. Sort and segment so when you're sending them messages, they're interested because it pertains to THEM. Keep track of notes, tasks, and appointments. Keep a record of all forms & surveys completed by your contacts. Even save your most commonly used lists to easily access them daily!

Dubsado, Salesforce,, and more!

reputation management tool

Send and receive those 5-star reviews with the push of a button. Monitor, reply, and dispute any negative reviews right within the dashboard from Google, Facebook, and more!

Thryve, Podium,, and more!

membership portal

Utilize our robust membership portal to create courses, products, offers, and more! Utilize the built-in quizzes as well! With one login, your clients can access all the valuable information you want to offer.

Kajabi, New Zenler, Leadpages, and more!

Survey and Form Builders

Drag & drop surveys and forms are built right into our software. Capture their answers and save them in their contact record instantaneously. No more copying and pasting from other form/survey programs!

Add them directly within our page builders or embed them on your own site.

Zoho Forms, Survey Monkey, Google Forms, and more!

Mobile App

Two-way communication on any device. Our full-featured mobile app allows you to communicate with your clients and leads on all your devices. Talk with leads, book appointments, make calls all while on the go.

Nothing! This Feature is Unique to Our Platform!

invoicing & payments

Take payments, subscriptions, payment plans, and more straight from Stripe and Paypal into CSP! Connect your products to our platform so you're easily able to sell online.


Zoho, Venmo, Zelle, and more!

Social Media Posting

Post on your most valuable social media platforms easily from the inside! No need for another monthly online subscription or manually posting on each platform! Post with the click of a button to Facebook, Google My Business, and more!

Cloud Campaign, Hootsuite, Sendible, and more!

Affiliate Management

Affiliate marketing is a way to create new business by incentivizing your customers to introduce your services in exchange for commission. Manage all of the backend tracking of who brought who to your company and how much they are owed through the affiliate manager.


Setup, manage, and distribute blogs with the new blog feature! Edit your blog's categories, tags, authors, images, videos, and more. Create a website or funnel page to host your blogs by adding the new 'blog post list' element.

important integrations


Use Zapier to connect our platform with another software program. Our goal is not to need Zapier but just in case, we have it.

Facebook & Instagram

By integrating with Facebook we are able to connect your business page, messages, ads, social media, and more!


By integrating with LinkedIn we are able to directly post social media content. With your choice of what accounts to post on, you can easily plan your feed.


We integrate primarily with Stripe for our products, payments, invoicing, subscriptions, and more!


We integrate secondarily with PayPal to bring in products and payments into a page of your choice.


Have a Wordpress site you want to host within CSP? You can either move your site over or build a new one!

Lead Forms

We integrate with Facebook and Tik Tok Lead Forms to load the results of your ads directly into our Hub.


Connect with Google ads, your Google or Outlook calendar to efficiently watch your stats and appointments!

loved by our clients

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4 signs that you're ready for this platform

  • You're clear about who your ideal client is and what problems you solve for them.

  • You've figured out how to make money in your business. Now you want to make more but work less.

  • You have already started to build your own version of a Duct-Taped Monster and are frustrated!

  • You're ready to systemize your business so nothing and no one falls through the cracks anymore

Why Is This Platform Different Than What Any Other

Real Estate Marketing Agency Is Offering?

  • We set it all up for you.

  • We train you and your team how to use it.

  • We provide resources to keep it working.

  • We provide help if you need it.

This is the closest thing you will ever find to having your own in house marketing agency without actually hiring one!

And best of all, every lead is 100% YOURS FOREVER!
You own all the leads that are generated for you and we will NEVER share them!

Ready To Make a Real Change?

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