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Best Site Design Tips

February 21, 20233 min read

There is no ONE way to edit a page since there are unlimited uses for a funnel or website. Walk through our favorite funnel & website design tricks that we use all the time & apply them to your pages.

Borders - We use borders to add colored edges to a section, row, column, and almost all elements & buttons We also use these borders to adjust the radius of these edges from straight edges to rounded edges.

Background Image - We use background images to add texture and graphics to our pages. More specifically, we use the Image Options dropdown setting to position the image the way we want it. We also use the background color to add a colored overlay on the image & adjusting the Background Image Opacity setting.

In general, we will utilize the background settings under the page settings - background to add an image for the entire page. Whereas if we only want the image to be the background of a certain section, row, or column, then I would adjust those same settings by adding the image on that level rather than the entire page.

"Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future."

-- Robert L. Peters, designer and author

Margins - We use margins alongside the padding settings to add space outside of the section/row/column/element instead of the inside the way padding does. For margins specifically, we also use negative numbers to overlap boxes & further customize the layout of the page.

Typography - Under the same page settings button where you can add a background image for the whole page, add custom CSS, or edit can also set the typography for the whole page & pull in Google fonts when it comes to headlines, content, links, and font color.

Row Width - At the very bottom of your row's settings, you can adjust the width of the row. If you want it even wider, toggle the "ALLOW ROWS TO TAKE ENTIRE WIDTH" bottom setting of the section your row is in.

Visibility - We use the visibility toggles on any section, row, column, or element we want to be viewable on desktop but not mobile, viewable on mobile but not desktop, and more! As well as the top bar toggle to switch between the view while editing This allows you to customize the look of your pages on mobile devices and desktops to ensure the look of your page is transitioning smoothly.

"The alternative to good design is always bad design. There is no such thing as no design."

-- Adam Judge, author

Sticky Top/Bottom - Set your section to stick to the top of the page as you scroll or stick to the bottom of the page as you scroll.

CSS Selector - Use the CSS selector codes under the advanced tab of any section/row/column/ or element to tweak custom CSS coding or jump to a part of your page off of a button or navigation bar.

Icons - We use icons in text box elements with and without text to add different logos, graphics, and icons that are easy to adjust colors, size, and more. These also work on buttons.

Custom Fields - Use custom fields and values on landing pages after a form submission, appointment booked, etc. including fields like {{}} {{appointment.start_date}} and more.

Custom CSS - Use Custom CSS coding to completely code & customize your page, widgets, and more in the same settings dropdown as typography as well as custom HTML elements. Utilize some templates & builder account funnels to practice.

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Christophe Bruneau

In addition to answering customer questions and technical support questions about software, I help our customers build tools to increase their sales. My ability to ask the right questions helps determine exactly what they need. Together we determine the projects, software and support tailored to their needs. For some, it could be our fully featured CRM with a marketing and workflow builder. The client pack I create is designed to streamline communication with each of their clients and prospects so they can easily share their message and increase sales. In some cases, clients ask me to build a personalized webinar from start to finish. The result is a complete plug-and-play package with which they can successfully launch their latest product or service. To complement our ever-expanding list of client offerings, I recently developed a complete platform certification program to teach entrepreneurs, OBMs, virtual assistants and more how to develop critical knowledge about our platform so they can build their own business by helping clients in the software.

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