Ah, the internet! It’s like a universe where cat videos reign, millennials hang out, where trolls have their say, and businesses can advertise on social media platforms for low cost and scale quickly…or can they? 

Everyone has a different view of Online Marketing, but what if I told you that social media is more than just a way to get customer reviews and watch cat videos? What if I told you that it isn’t just a millennial thing and that you’re probably not using it to it’s fullest potential?

As I’m sure you already know, most social media platforms allow their users to create advertisements. So, it’s tempting to just click on the little link they provide and set up an ad. After all, they tell you it’s going to potentially reach thousands of people. So, you get all excited, click, set up your ad, and wait…

And wait….

After a few days, you’re pulling your hair out wondering why you aren’t getting the results you wished for…

What if I told you that there is a specific, highly technical, yet effective method for reaching people via social media? What if I told you that your social media ads can go viral in your service area, and they could be the #1 key to your business success in 2020 and beyond?

Would it make you change the way you view social media?

I bet you wouldn’t believe me, and if this is you then you are among many Business Owners who have either tried advertising on social media and failed or don’t believe it’s effective at growing your customer base.


Because you are an expert in the health and beauty industry but not in the Digital Marketing Industry, and like many others you most likely have clicked that nice little boost post now link and have gotten absolutely nowhere.

Here’s the thing… and it’s a big one.
That’s not the way to market your services on social media… (not really).

Let me explain with a few facts from the largest social media platform in the world;

As you can see, your potential reach on Facebook is staggering and that’s the problem with those little boost post now links. It’s like screaming at the top of your lungs into a crowd trying to draw out people who want your services, and who live in your service area.

Not everyone on social media who likes your page resides in your area or is your ideal customer. Moreover, there are very SPECIFIC ways people engage with business ads on social media. Those tempting boost post now ads aren’t cutting it, because you don’t understand the little minute details that must be entered in the back end in order to target your specific demographic in a proven way that gets them to say YES! I want that and I will book right now!

In addition, there is a lot of work that goes into crafting the ad itself before it even gets launched. There are certain ways people engage with digital advertising offers and if you are unaware of the physiological and technical principals behind online purchasing then it’s no wonder your self-produced ads don’t work.

My proven two-step system does not stand in a crowd and shout hoping that someone going about their day will listen and respond. My system is like a ninja that covertly weaves his way through the crowd, identifying those in your target market, gathering intel on what they want, intercepting them, engages them by making them an offer they can’t resist, gathers their information, tracks their activity, qualifies them and delivers them to you hot and raring to go in real-time.

It’s okay that your online ads didn’t work because it demonstrated to you that there must be another way, and there is. Look you specialize in providing the best cosmetic beauty services in your area, you aren’t a Digital Marketing Specialist. I wouldn’t administer Botox to myself… I would hire an expert like you who knows the anatomy of the face, and where the nerves and blood vessels are.

I know the anatomy of Digital Marketing, and I know how to carefully target the right areas in the right way to bring you the desired results. Just like you do for your clients who want to look more youthful, except my clients just want more customers.

Do you want more customers?

Are you struggling to make Digital Marketing work for you?

If this sounds like you, I can help. I don’t work with everyone so let’s hop on a quick call and we’ll have an informal chat about how I can help you grow and see if we would be a good business fit together, sound fair?

My philosophy is simple, I deliver exclusive qualified leads to business owners like you, I don’t work with your competition.

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