Why Most Agents Fail

The reality is that most leads are around 3-6 months out from their interest.

Yet, here are most agent going for the close on the first call. So, how do we stay top of mind and continuously appear in their email inbox, Facebook news feed, voicemail and texts? Retargeting.

And retargeting across various platforms. Are you an Agent struggling to get consistent deals and clients?

Maybe you are getting clients and leads but you are having to manually call, text, email and voicemail leads to turn them into appointments…

When we look at the industry today, we see three problems that are holding 97% of the agents back from speaking with new qualified leads every single day and closing them into deals:

1. No consistent and exclusive way of lead generation

Most Agents are cold calling, door knocking, and “vlogging” their life on Instagram because they heard that it’s the only way to scale their business. Others are using third-party companies to do the lead generation for them which make bold promises but never provide results. They buy leads and hope that this time, one will convert. We call this, “Paying and Praying.”

This “paying and praying” is the reason why their leads never result in deals.

And if they generate the lead that is usually where it ends. No branding, no retargeting, no nurturing! I have the leads phone number and I expect them to close yet they never seem to answer the phone.

2. No warming or follow up process set in place:

Leads are the LIFEBLOOD to any business. However, most agents think that by just adding more leads into their business, it is going to create more clients in their business.

Well, leads alone won’t cut it.

When we ask agents, “What is your follow up process like?”, most reply with “I call them or send them a text..”

Now what happens? “Well… I put them in my CRM to follow up.”

Well, what is your follow up sequence like?

Does it trigger responses from over 50% of leads?

Does it actually enable you to warm up leads effectively so you don’t get hung up on?

What happens now is that they spend more money on leads and never see an ROI from the system. As a result, their lack of a follow up system provides them with ZERO conversions from any online lead.

So the lead source is now to blame and they move on to the next “revolutionary” lead source and we all know how that turns out…

𝟑. No Retargeting to warm leads

This is where agents go wrong. All they are worried about is generating leads and trying to close them.

The reason behind this is to build rapport with a lead. They have to know you before any decision.

If you want to be in the top 10% of agents using online leads to double, triple or even quadruple their business, you NEED a proven system to generate, nurture and convert your leads that doesn’t require much time.

If you are missing even one of these three things, it will be very hard to scale to the level you want.

The industry now requires agents to be well versed across a variety of skills such as advertising, social media, accounting and more.
The top agents continuously leverage technology and automation to scale their business.

If you don’t change your ways you will get wiped out.

However, if you want to grow your business to the point where you are closing an additional 2-5 deals a month or more…

I’ve Got Great News!

I spent the month putting together a free training for you showing you *the exact* Simple Client Generation System

That Brings In Top Producer Commissions ALL Without cold calling, door knocking, postcards/direct mail, “vlogging” on Instagram and Facebook, or spending thousands on lead gen companies.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

1). The simple, proven “2 Step Process” that generates leads & converts them into clients as well as how you can put this to work right now

2). How to call, text, email, and voicemail every single lead FOREVER without moving a finger

3). How to only speak with people that want to speak with YOU and expect YOUR call.

You can register here for free: https://rem.sem-express.com/ 

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