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The Latest Developments in The Field of Google Ads

The Latest Developments in The Field of Google Ads

Google Marketing Live is the annual marketing event from Google where digital professionals from all over the world come together. The event was dominated by the launch of various new products within Google Ads. Developments that ensure that you can reach your target group even more specifically. In this blog, we share 5 innovations that are relevant to Business Owners!

1. Gallery Ads in search

Gallery Ads will be rolled out at the end of this year. Gallery Ads offers advertisers the possibility to combine images in the search network. So instead of just text in search campaigns (search), the search results page will be supplemented with images. This will be made possible in the carousel format. You can add between 4 and 8 images with 70 characters per image. In this way, the advertisements become more attractive and interactive. This Gallery Ad is also simply displayed at the top of the search page but is only available for the advertisement that holds the absolute top position. The first tests by Google show that this results in a 25% growth in interaction (both clicks and “swipes” through the images).

Google Gallery Ads

2. Direct purchases in Google Shopping

One of the most prominent developments within the e-commerce industry is the development of Google Shopping. Google will make it easier for consumers to make a purchase by being able to pay within the Shopping environment. With a Google Ad, you no longer have to click through to the website to order the product there, but you will be redirected directly through Google Shopping so that you can pay. This saves clicks a number of times for consumers and makes ordering online easier. It is still possible to visit the website of the seller.

3. Custom Affinity + Custom intent come together in Custom Audiences

With Custom Affinity target groups you can reach people based on interests and habits and through Custom Intent target groups you can reach people based on search behavior. These two forms will be merged into Custom Audiences later this year and it is, therefore, possible to reach target groups with Google Ads through search behavior, interests and habits. With this Google goes after Facebook, where this form of targeting has been possible for a long time.

4. Audience Expansion tool

Google will launch a tool called Audience Expansion in addition to the Custom Audiences. This makes it possible to reach people who are similar to the people from your Custom Audience. The first tests show that 50% more conversions are generated than, for example, a display campaign by using the Audience Expansion tool at the same cost. You can compare this tool with the Facebook look a like groups.

5. Local campaigns offer more possibilities

Consumers are increasingly using their mobile phones to search for information before going to a store. So there is a huge opportunity here to help consumers make and influence their purchasing decisions. Local campaigns will be available soon. Then as a small business owner with Google, you can not only generate more local promotions, such as phone calls or route descriptions, but also the advertising possibilities in local campaigns are expanded so that you can present product-specific information and offers in Google Maps. This way you can bring your company to the attention in more places. You can also promote your showroom, for example, when users plan a route or navigate somewhere. In summary, you can say that Google optimizes your ad delivery to maximize the number of visitors to your store.


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