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The Five Marketing Trends From 2019

The Five Marketing Trends From 2019

It is, of course, no secret that we are becoming increasingly dependent on digital gadgets. Life is made easier and easier as the years pass. In recent years there have been many developments in the field of artificial intelligence and in fact the entire marketing ecosystem. What does 2019 bring? Sem Express explains the most important digital trends for you. For this blog I ask our marketing expert Martins to share his useful tips with you, so: read, scan and write down! Here are the five most important developments:

  1. No Click Search

    Over the past ten years, the way we consume has been completely overhauled. There is an increasing focus on not only you as a customer but as a person. What do you like / find interesting / worth doing? Online marketing trends respond very cleverly to this. Artificial intelligence plays a role in this. The consumer’s bow of concentration is shrinking due to an increasing supply of digital content.

    Then the question is of course, how do you keep this attention? By creating the shortest possible search: as few clicks as possible. Google responds to this, so we have the No Click search which means that, as the name suggests, you need little to no clicks to get to where you want to be. For example, you just have to type in which film you want to see and the search engine knows where you are, which cinema is nearby and at what times the films are playing there. Or if you want to do research on a certain product, for example, “pizza”, you will immediately find everything you want to know. This means that you could simply skip the company’s website (or your website) to get what you want. Despite this, Google does not have all the answers, but it does have the talent to find these answers. However, there is something to be done about this, namely the use of: structured data, tailored content and the provision of concise information.

  2. Location Based Marketing

    Imagine for a moment that you are walking through a shopping street, then it does not matter which shopping street or where, but you will be notified that your favorite store is offering you an interesting offer. Or you walk past a coffee shop and receive a push notification that the second cup is free. These are examples of location-based marketing. Why is this a trend now? Because everything and everyone is mobile and as already mentioned, personalization is key. We do not want to see advertisements for products or services that we are not interested in, as they are not relevant to us. We want experiences that add something to our lives and interests, location-based marketing responds to this. How? Marketers use your Wi-Fi connection or GPS from your mobile to determine your location and the target group based on that. This makes the ads more relevant, which ensures a better relationship with the customer.

  3. People Based Marketing

    Although this trend is not so much new in the world of marketing, it is becoming increasingly important. Not marketing via cookies, but marketing via people. The digital world continues to grow and marketers are increasingly offered online opportunities. Tracking pixels ensure retargeting and sign-ups ensure target group orientation. Perhaps, however, we dive into the figures a little too much? Marketing remains a profession for and by people, and that’s where people-based marketing comes in, which focuses on the individual and not a group through integrated marketing systems. To distinguish yourself from the competitors it is, therefore, necessary to do a lot of people-based marketing so that you always stay one step ahead.

  4. Virtual Assistants

    “OK Google, what is the definition of meteorological?”

    Because the use of these virtual helpers is becoming increasingly popular, there are also more and more in circulation. So digital assistants respond to voice usage, do you say “Hey Siri” or “Hello Cortana” or would you rather say “OK Google”?

    Whatever you use, with all three virtual assistants you can call, look up locations, bring up information and manage your agenda. Digital assistants respond to your voice and work best in an environment without too much noise. Now that the gadgets are constantly improving after developments, they are also growing in use and popularity (because nobody has time to explain to Siri five times that it is me-to-o-ro-logical). The use of virtual assistants will certainly increase in the coming year, not only for navigation or your agenda but also for ordering food, for example! Melvin from our marketing department: “I expect a virtual assistant to be present in every room in five years and will listen to your voice, on the basis of which it identifies who you are. We will also type less manually in the future, it will be much more through voice. ”

  5. Marketing Automation

    By using marketing automation you ensure that leads can reach and bind to you at an earlier stage within the customer journey. This increases the chance of a final conversion. It has become a marketing hype in recent years and not without reason. Programs such as Marketo and Eloqua enable companies to expand their marketing like never before.

These programs are examples of systems where customer lifecycle automation is a new feature. This lifecycle actually wants to say even more personalized advertisements, which means that as a customer you should be less bothered by advertisements! Artificial intelligence ensures that they register your use and adjust the advertisements accordingly. So if you show no interest in a certain ad, you will automatically be removed from this mailing list. This way your entire journey is adapted to your customs.

In short, there is a lot going on in the marketing field.


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