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ROI, Response, Niche and branding.

These are just some terms that are often used rather randomly when it comes to marketing or marketing related issues. Of course you have to earn back the money you invest, but anyone who places an ad for a new car, for example, should not expect people to be waiting in line the next day to buy a new car. Sure when you give the cars away with a discount of 50% or more, but in most cases the offer should happen to coincide with the needs of your potential customers. 

Take me for example: I have a new car since April 2019. So I don’t need a new car for now. I therefore do not respond to that advertisement, but that does not mean that the advertisement does not affect me. I regularly see an advertisement passing by from a certain garage or car brand, an advertisement that also appeals to me in one way or another. 

There’s more chance that as soon as I need a new car, I will think back to that garage. Despite the fact that this can take another five years …



Online marketing does not work

When I look for new clients, I regularly come across it: Hard-working entrepreneurs who sometimes have difficulty digesting the fact that the costs they incur for being present online are not immediately reflected in the figures/revenue.

It often feels like they are putting money into a bottomless pit. The bad news is: whoever does something now and again and places an advertisement on Facebook / Instagram on the left or right, for example, or does a nice post on his social media a few times a month, is probably also wasting money and time.

Engaging in marketing your business online (also called branding) is a long-term job. Without a decent marketing strategy (and that doesn’t necessarily have to be a big deal), online marketing doesn’t really make a difference, so you might as well stop today.

Word of mouth

“Word-of-mouth advertising works much better for me” I often hear it and I will be the last to deny it. People buy on the basis of know-like trust. You must first know someone, know that he / she exists and what he / she does. Then you also have to appreciate or like it. But “like” can also be that you just need what the other person delivers. Need meets supply. Next comes the most important part, namely: “trust”. People must have faith that you deliver what you say you deliver, that it is good and that you arrange it properly. Honest, fast /on time, and so on.

Word of mouth takes that work off your hands. Your neighbor knows a company, knows what they are doing and gives you a tip, because he also knows what you are looking for. If the neighbor is not a neighborhood psychopath, does not set fire to your container every week or deliberately runs his truck over your newly mown lawn, then you probably have a relationship with that neighbor which is good enough to trust him. And so you trust his already completed know-like-trust process and you get into business immediately.

However, this is not a given and an unstable basis on which to base your company’s existence. Social media and online marketing is not something you just add to it. There must be a well-considered plan for that. Whether that is on paper or clearly defined in your head, that does not really matter. It only requires attention and time and a long breath.

Call in a marketing consultant (so me 😉)

Have you ever thought about hiring an external person or agency for the part of business of which you yourself have less or no knowledge. I can already hear you thinking: but that also costs a lot of money! Indeed you’re right. In the first instance you should invest a part, but you can (must) always ask when someone expects that they will have earned themselves back. Depending on the product or service that you provide, I always give a minimum time that I earn myself back. 

Usually with SEO that used to be within 6 to 12 months. With Social Media Marketing you can start to see results from day ONE and depending on your product or service, lifetime value of your new client and your sales skills, your ROI cand be 2x, 3x, 5x or even 10x within a few months. In addition, the advantage of online marketing is that you can see exactly what is and is not earned by being present online.

Use this information well when you have a third party carry out your online marketing. This may also be a condition in the contract. I have included this as standard in my own contracts: I generally agree on a contract for 3 months (after that month to month), with the condition that there is an increased profit/amount of leads each month. This then also applies to subsequent months. 

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact me.