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More Sales on Instagram?

More Sales on Instagram?

In today’s digital world, social media platforms can offer great marketing opportunities that you really can’t ignore. There are many possibilities to advertise when you have a Facebook group or an Instagram account. You can give your followers information about new products or certain seasonal specials. Everything to attract new visitors with beautiful visual content.

To get the most out of it, you must, of course, choose a social media platform that fits well with your company. For example, you only choose Instagram if you have a lot of visually focused content to share with your followers. Instagram offers many advantages for owners of online shops, artists and people who carry out a craft, etc. But if, for example, you have a company specialized in writing pieces. Where you offer far fewer visual products, it is better to choose a different platform, such as Twitter or Facebook.

Instagram Shopping

But, in this post, we are going to talk about Instagram as a marketing channel. As you know, Instagram is the most popular platform for sharing photos and videos. Striking content can help brand owners and small businesses to effectively contact their customers. We describe here some simple (yet effective) recommendations for growing your sales.

Post original and attractive photos

It makes sense that your images must be informative and of high quality. The products must be recognizable and well presented. You must continue to do your best to keep the photos original and creative. It is also important to have a general brand style that matches the products you sell, your target audience and your company in general. If your brand is colorful and light, this must be reflected in your photos. If you like minimalism and discreet designs, ensure this authentic feeling in your photos.

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Simply put, it is important to have an artistic vision of your product and to stick with it. Experimenting is of course always possible, but ensure consistency and do not suddenly switch from one color to a completely different color. Remember that your visual representation is important because that is the first thing your customers will pay attention to.

Show your products and services in action

Original and beautiful photos are good, but they are not good enough to boost your sales. Marketing is more complex, you will have to think about how you present your products in a real-life experience.

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For example, you have a shop with ingredients for Asian cuisine, you can then post photos with dishes made with your products and you can then also add the recipe. And if you sell shoes you can, of course, post photos of people who wear these shoes. Make sure that the focus is on the context of how sturdy and good the footwear is. Don’t forget the videos either! By literally seeing your products at work and demonstrating how nice they are, you will motivate potential customers to also enjoy this product.

User-generated content is great!

As we have said, word of mouth is one of the best marketing moves. User-generated content is also a form of this. To improve the promotion of your products, customers can create content in which they demonstrate how good your products are. In this way, all their friends and family will also see this content and there is a good chance that you will get new followers and customers.

Most customers will not do this alone without some kind of encouragement, which must come from you. You can think of a discount, a goodie, etc. You can even organize a competition and don’t forget that they have to use a hashtag of your brand. This way you can easily keep track of the progress.

Provide paid Instagram advertising

Investing in advertisements is a good way to boost your brand and attract new customers. The paid advertisements ensure that you can reach a target group that you might otherwise not reach and are probably interested in your products. This can even have a catalyzing effect because there is actually no other way to reach this group. Instagram currently has an extensive advertising system that allows you to include links to your website in your posts, for example. You can also add tagging so that potential customers can find you with one click.

Connect with influencers

Making friends with influencers who have a large audience is a very good idea. Certainly for relatively new brands. In most cases, a good influencer strategy can ensure more involvement and traffic to your profile or website. Which of course ensures sales!

The best way to get influencers interested in promoting your products is to get discounts, gifts, and cash prizes. For example, you can indicate that they can place promotional links in their posts, customers will then click on these links and then receive a discount in your store. For example, if you have a make-up store, you can use beauty influencers in your marketing campaign.

The use of influencers for your brand can also improve the search engine ranking. As you may know, the more people talk about your brand, the higher your ranking is. Word-of-mouth advertising works.

Just don’t overdo it with this strategy. Customers don’t like it when things are offered to them too intrusively. This creates a negative sense of insincerity. So even when influencers promote your products, it should be less about selling and more about its attractiveness. Make sure you:

  • Inform your target group about your products
  • Express a special message
  • Follow your general marketing strategy
  • Approach your audience in a natural and genuine way

Also, choose influencers that match your brand. The lifestyle and content of that person must go together with your products and services.

Humor and pleasure

One of the most attractive things in the world is humor. Be sharp and dare to make appropriate jokes in your posts. This involves your audience and improves the way they view your services. A positive brand experience is essential for efficient marketing.

Just make sure that the jokes fit your brand and that your audience can understand them.

Give your followers gifts and discounts

People like things for free. You should never ignore this extremely efficient way of increasing sales and promotion. Remember that satisfied customers will share their experience with your services with their friends, which may also make them interested in your products. Your commitment will grow as a result.

Discounts and freebies work as a kind of natural attraction and motivate your customers to want more of your products. If your products and services are really great and you are generous in handing out gifts, your customers will really enjoy your service and will most certainly share this with their friends. Loyal customers must receive special discounts, memberships or something else that will show that you have a personal relationship and gratitude for them.

As you can see, influencers, discounts, and user-generated content are the best strategies to involve fans in your visual content. Of course, you must also ensure that this content is really impressive. There are many people on Instagram and that is why there is also a place for your brand on this extremely popular digital platform. People are more likely to buy products if something makes a strong impression on them and photo content is a perfect tool to arouse this interest. Use the tips above to grow your sales and achieve success!


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