"I Don't Have The Time For More Leads"

We’ve already had over way too many people take advantage of the special deal we put together for real estate agents & agencies. Which is exciting!

And at the same time, we’ve also received lots of excellent questions about The Real Accelerator Premier and how it works.

If there’s one thing we believe, it’s that you should do research before you invest in any new program. We want you to do your research, and be confident in your decision to buy.

And we believe in providing you with totally transparent information to help you decide whether or not this program is right for you. So we’ve answered a bunch of the most common questions below.

By far, the most common question we received was this:

“Will the real accelerator premier work if I’m not tech savvy?”

Oh, heck yes. All you need is the ability to close deals, our CRM takes care of everything else. If you can log into your email and answer the phone when hot leads are calling, you can make this happen. The Real Accelerator is specifically designed to be user friendly and as easy to use as setting up a facebook account. The program has been described as “beginner friendly, but empire equipped.” Meaning that it’s super easy to use, but powerful enough to build a large course business on.

“Do I need to spend a lot of hours in front of a computer?”

Nope. It will take you less than one hour a month to generate appointments with buyers and sellers once you’re fully trained.

“How is this system different than others that claim to help with leads?”

There are a lot of ways to get real estate “leads,” and hundreds of courses. From what we’ve seen, nothing else out there actually QUALIFIES and aims to book every lead that is generated. Remember, advertising is just one part of our system, our exclusive CRM calls, emails, and reaches out to the leads on your behalf for months in order to convert them into booked appointments and live calls.

“Is there any sort of guarantee?”

Yes! We guarantee a minimum amount of qualified leads per month.

“Do I have to cold call, door knock, or rely on referrals EVER again?”

Purpose of this program is to get away from the misery of cold calling and door knocking. Our program is designed to let you speak with new people every single day without having to step outside your home.

“When can I expect results?”

Typically, the entire process from generating to transforming leads into closed transactions takes anywhere from 60-90 days. And many do it in less time, or more time. Much of it will come down to how much effort you put in.

“Is there any extra help/coaching included along the way?”

We believe that support generates results. What we’ve done is include coaching with myself who will help answer all of your questions. We also offer support 7 days a week through email.

“is this suitable for any country and/or language?”

This system was designed for the hyper competitive and difficult overseas real estate industry that makes it suitable for anyone targeting clients in different locations such as different cities, other states or regions as well as internationally. This is also suitable for local agents in extremely competitive markets. 

“Do I get everything at once?”

Yup! You’ll get everything within 7 days of signing up.

“Will I need to spend money on anything else? Or is everything I need included in this offer?”

Generateagentleads is designed so that you’ll have everything you need to create your online course. The training is included, but you’re also getting our exclusive FREE CRM, which is the all-in-one tool for nurturing your leads without manually calling, texting, or leaving voicemails.

“Does the real accelerator premier work with my website?”

Absolutely! Many of our clients already have their own website. The solution is simple: you’ll also run ads towards people that are visiting your website.

“Does THE REAL ACCELERATOR PREMIER provide support if I need help?”

Yes! Our customer support team is always available to help you answer questions, troubleshoot any potential issues you come across, and help you make the best use of the system.

Anyway, we hope these explanations help!

So, the multi-million dollar question: Are you ready?

You can schedule a call HERE to get started and CRUSH your 2021!


To making decisions with clarity and confidence.

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