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Help! How do I get customers?

Help! How do I get customers?

The day you enrolled yourself with motivation and enthusiasm at the Chamber of Commerce to pursue your passion. Helping people with your product or service. Get rid of that certainty and go for your dream. Do you remember that day?

Now, perhaps you are a few months or even years further and you run into the problem that growth in your company is not forthcoming due to a lack of customers. You do not run the sales that you need or strive for, you do not experience the freedom you want as an entrepreneur and you live every month from invoice to invoice. Actions you have taken do not pay anything. For example, you may have done a sponsorship at a local association, you advertised in local media, you send everyone messages daily via LinkedIn, you go to every networking drink that you see passing by. You may also be very cold calling. You feel you are doing everything you can, but you just can’t get it to realize more customers.

We speak to entrepreneurs as described above every week. The motivation, drive, and passion for their profession are present. They really, really deserve all the customers they can serve with their expertise. Only something structural goes wrong so they don’t get customers.

And this is that they do not have a clear and well-functioning sales strategy.

Your Real Business

Face it. As a self-employed person, you are in sales. You have to keep promoting your service to new people every time to welcome them as a customer. Time after time. But how do you always get new leads that you can sell to? If we ask that question, we will always be told in good spirits, via-via or word-of-mouth.

We therefore always say the following. How good that customers keep coming in through referrals! This shows that you have a service or product that makes people enthusiastic! Only now you have too few customers because too few are referred to you. Logical. Because it is a fact that 1 in 5 customers passes on a referral. So you need to have 5 customers quickly to get a referral customer. The advantage is that these often become good quality customers! The disadvantage, they are too few. In other words, this is not the way to solve your problem of a continuous flow of customers.

It takes time to keep looking for customers. And time is precious because everyone only has 24 hours in a day. To solve your customer problem it is therefore essential to use your time effectively. And you have been at the same level for a while now, a level that you are not satisfied with, which is why you read this article. So it’s not an option to lose even more time.

Fortunately, there is a relatively simple solution to get customers quickly. Moreover. This solution is a must for every company. If not, I can already tell you that you will not survive in the long term.

You must be able to build a database! A database filled with your target group who wants to talk to you because you can help them solve their problem. In other words, you need to develop the skill to become strong in lead generation and closing deals. How do I get customers? Learn to generate leads and closing them!

And the great thing is that this sales strategy will save you time. You can fully automate the generation of leads up to the closing of the sale. And don’t be afraid, it’s not even that hard to realize for your business.

I want to introduce you to the term Virtual Real Estate.

Virtual Real Estate is the basis of the strategy that we use, with which we give a boost to our turnover and profit. It is the strategy with which we have been able to establish a profitable business. With this new hot leads coming in every month that want to schedule an appointment with you, so you can see the balance on your bank account increase! If you have implemented this strategy really well, it will become increasingly valuable over time, hence the term virtual real estate.

This strategy has 2 simple steps.

Virtual Real Estate

By virtual real estate, we mean that your content is becoming increasingly valuable. Compare it with brick and mortar real estate. A house becomes increasingly valuable over the years. The same applies to content. Once produced and published, it will always exist. The more you create, the more worth it becomes.

You can also reuse content. For example, you can make a short video from a blog, a quote or the text in a piece. In short, you work on your content. The more you have, the more it becomes worth. You use this content for the following 2 steps in your sales process.

Step 1: Creating Your Own Pond

Every company has a target group. A target group of people that you help with your service or product. But perhaps you know the rule: if you talk to everyone, you don’t talk to anyone. So it is important to put a certain filter on your target group. In other words, creating your own niche (your own ocean).

Let’s visualize it. Every company has a target group that consists of a large group of people. That target group is in the pond. This is where all the fish you want as a customer swim. But also your competitors and other providers who have the same target group are fishing in that large ocean. So you are not the only one, while you do need the attention of your target group. It is therefore important to respond to the pain points of your target group, with which you help them with your product/service. If they recognize themselves in this, they will bite for your bait (content), so that you can get them out of the ocean and let them swim in your own pond. In other words, you create your own niche within that large group. As soon as they swim in your pond, the distraction is gone and you can communicate with them in a much more personal way.

To get them in your own pond, for example, you can use a Facebook Ad that you target to your target audience. Or direct messages on social media also works well. The goal here is to trigger them with content by first giving them something, instead of making an offer immediately. For example, give them something for free that gives value. Value in the form of a solution to the problem that your target group faces. Consider giving away a free e-book, a training or a trial. But a discount voucher or extra by-product can also be a trigger for someone to click on your ad. If you have mastered this well, you will see that more and more fish come into your pond. And that pond is your mailing list, which is growing daily.

Step 2: Converting Your Customers

But visitors and leads don’t pay bills. So now it’s time for step 2: collect email addresses so you can build a mailing list. This then becomes a mailing list that contains 100% of your target group. Because you know that if they respond to your giveaway, they recognize themselves in the problem and are interested in a solution.

In other words, you have your own pond where only goldfish swim. And there is only one fishing rod, your fishing rod. In short, your funnel that you will use on the mailing list.

You are going to give the fish in your pond bait (send value emails) to educate and nurture them. Can you see it? Every now and then the fish always get (free) bait from someone. Don’t you think that after a while they will fall in love completely with the person who gives them free value 😉?

What do you think will happen if you call someone afterward? Suppose you have 200 people in your pond this way. Of those 200 people who give you a call, do some of them become customers? After all, they love you because you gave them free bait.

In fact, you are not only filling your database, you are also creating a fan on autopilot. And when you decide to throw your rod into that pond to pull fish out of it, then you welcome your next customer. And the great thing is that this entire process can be automated.

“Why is this going to work for you?”

Help! How do I get customers? That is the question we started this blog post with. The solution is above. And why does this strategy work for you too? Because it is the strategy that takes care of the entire prospect phase for you in a personalized and automated manner. And who doesn’t want to have extra time to be able to build on his/her business and to generate more revenue by only spending time on warm leads. Every business has a target group and they have a need that must be met. This strategy actually teaches you how to bring these people to your business on autopilot.

As an entrepreneur, it is extremely important to set goals and to combine that with a winner’s mindset. You must know exactly what your purpose is and what it takes to get here. Suppose you want to generate 10k revenue per month and your product has a value of € 500. Then you know that you have to welcome 20 new customers. And how many leads do you think you need for that?

Through your own pond (which keeps growing every day) and therefore your database that gets bigger and bigger, you will grow as a company. In addition, this strategy gives you a clear goal to work with and you get more continuity and security in your company. And that certainty … isn’t that what we all long for?

This strategy will also work for you, absolutely. It is the future and a MUST to implement this. And oh yes, before we forget. In this way, you bring new (cold) customers into your business. They also know people who they want to send to you through referrals!


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