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5 Handy Chrome Extensions

5 Handy Chrome Extensions

With Chrome extensions you can automate important, sometimes time-consuming, research and work or simply perform them easier and faster.

A browser extension can best be seen as an app for a smartphone. It is a piece of software that you add to existing software in order to increase the functionality of the existing software.

I have been using the Google browser, Chrome for years. From my experience, the browser is not only faster than its competitors (including FireFox, Safari and Opera and okay I will also call Edge and Internet Explorer ..) but there are also many more extensions for it.

5. Note Anywhere

This fairly simple, but not less convenient, extension gives you the possibility to paste post-it’s on websites. When you do something that has to do with internet marketing you will, almost obsessively, look at every page on the internet.

As a result, there is a good chance that you will find inspiration and / or ideas on every page. With the Note Anywhere extension you can immediately make a note on the exact location where you acquired the idea.

note anywhere

This way you can remind yourself that you want to do research on a word that you encountered on a competitor’s website, or you might get an idea on your own website.

4. Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

This extension has really saved me a lot of time and effort. There are several extensions that make it possible to take a screenshot of a page. Separately, of course, your own computer has a way to make screenshots.

The big advantage of this extension is that you can choose directly in your browser for:

  • Make a screenshot of the visible part of the page
  • Make a screenshot of a selection of the page
  • Make a screenshot of the entire page
  • Make a screenshot of your desktop
  • Make a video recording of your screen

In addition to the above possibilities, you also have the opportunity to take notes directly on a screenshot.

When you connect to your Google account via the extension, you can save screenshots and recordings directly to your Google Drive so that you can share them more easily and quickly with others.

awesome screenshot

3. Tag Assistant (by Google)

This extension, from Google, quickly shows you whether the tags for Google Analytics and / or Google Tag Manager are properly implemented on a specific page.

Does Google Analytics in one way or another not seem to get the right statistics from your website? Then install this extension and click on the icon next to your address bar and you will see which tags are on the website and if they have been implemented correctly.

If you get an error then you even get advice to ensure that the tag can still be implemented properly.

With the Record function you can also make a recording of the tags that are loaded when you visit the page. For example, you can see which tags are all loaded and in which order.

google tag assistant

Here Google Tag Manager is well implemented, but the Google Analytics tracking ID is not. Most likely, the Google Analytics tracking ID will no longer be used because this is now possible via Tag Manager.


I do not use this extension for a long time. But in the short time that I’m using it, it’s already clear that it’s a stay.

The Chrome extension FATRANK makes it possible to quickly check whether a page is ranking on a specific search term.

It is good to know that FATRANK only checks the top 100. If the relevant page is not in the top 100 for the search term specified by you, you will get the message “not in 100”.


1. SeoStack Keyword Tool

I do not know how you think about it, but researching keywords is not one of my favorite pastimes. Nevertheless, I know that it is extremely important for my search engine optimization.

Fortunately, the Chrome extension SeoStack Keyword Tool makes it a little easier for me.

Simply click on the icon in Chrome and you will end up in the tool.

On the left you enter the so-called seed keyword. This is the keyword that you want to use as inspiration. Below that, at Select Sources, you can indicate from which sources you want to retrieve keywords:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Amazon
  • Ebay

Again below, at Region, you can choose the country and language.

Then click on Start and the tool gives you an overview of keywords related to your so-called seed keyword.

Optionally you can export the keywords to a CSV document and you can click on Get Volume + CPCdata to continue to Google’s official Keyword Planner to look at the volumes and Cost Per Click data of the relevant keywords.

seostack search terms

There’s an extension for that

I have only described 5 Chrome extensions but there are really many more to be found in the Chrome Web store.

Take a look at which extensions can help you to work more productively or to get behind specific SEO data from competitors.

Which extension should every entrepreneur use?

Did you already know the extensions in this article? Do you even miss one? Like many other entrepreneurs with me, I am always looking for ways to increase my productivity.

I would really like it if you want to let us know in the comments which extensions you use and why we should use them.