Frequently Asked Online Marketing Questions

Digital marketing is mostly any marketing activity that is online i.e. PPC, social media, email, SEO, website design, etc.

Traditional marketing is generally viewed as offline activities such as; events, direct mail, print advertising, TV, radio etc.

Most agencies offer one or the other, although within your marketing strategy any activities should be aligned.

Different agencies work in different ways. However, most likely you’ll be given an Account Manager as your single point of contact. They will manage briefing sessions and keep you updated month on month with the progress of your campaign.

The ones your customers are using! You need to be prioritising the social media platforms that your target audience is using and those that are best aligned to your business and marketing objectives. For example are you wanting to increase brand awareness using Instagram or generating leads from Facebook advertising.

When clients ask this question first, alarm bells ring! There is nothing wrong with using follower numbers as a broad metric to measure your success on social media. However, it should not be your objective.

Having more followers does not necessarily equate to more sales. In fact, you could have fewer but higher quality, more targeted followers and achieve more conversions.

Concentrate on engagement, traffic and conversions and less on follower numbers for real social media success.

The key to a good Facebook ads campaign lies in having a great offer, setting the right objectives, targeting and A/B and split testing your ad copy and imagery. It takes experience, time, daily optimisation to run an effective campaign. Many businesses try boosting posts and are disappointed with the results. The problem with this is that Facebook sees your objective as post engagement NOT conversions or website traffic. You’re never going to generate leads from boosting a post.

No!  We don’t because when you have skin in the game you behave differently (Ask Warren Buffet!).  We actually offer something far better, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  To date, we have never had a dissatisfied estate agent client over a 90-day window. This is something we pride ourself on. We only work with clients we truly believe in, so if we decide to work with you expect big transformations in your business.

No! Our services are Month by month, you can cancel any time.  However, we offer a 10% discount on a 3-month term.



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Sem Express is part of Blue Internet Solutions, a company with ambition based in London. An online advertising agency with that little bit extra. We treat our customers’ business as if it were our own. This means that we are optimally committed to maximum results. We will talk to you about your company and your objectives and help you determine your online strategy, design your campaigns and monitor the results. We believe in a personal approach. This means that we enter into a relationship with our customer, build trust and want to grow together. In short: Sem Express does more than just generate visitors!


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