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Data marketing and growth hacking. This is how you do it!

Data marketing and growth hacking. This is how you do it!

Combining user data, smart technology and a lot of creativity. That is the short description of the “growth hacking” phenomenon. Whatever you want to call it, the idea is simple: rapid growth in the number of customers or users for your product or service. And unlike traditional tactics, preferably with a relatively low budget. Instead of ‘buying’ customers with an advertising budget, you attract them like a magnet.

How do we do that, and how can you get started? We show it and give 5 golden tips to grow!

3 examples of growth hacking

To get a better idea of ​​what growth hacking is, these are three examples of services that have achieved enormous growth in users in a smart way.


Previously, the music you listened to was automatically shared with your friends on Facebook. Your friends saw what music you were listening to and that you were using Spotify. With that function, Spotify ensured that their name went around like wildfire.



Also a classic example of the effect of sharing. Because if you register for the storage service and invite a friend, you both get more storage space. And the more of your friends who join, the more storage space.



When the e-mail service just existed, the number of users grew to 1 million in 6 months. 5 weeks later that was 2 million. How was that possible? By placing at the bottom of every sent e-mail: “PS: I love you. Get your free e-mail at Hotmail “.


Which data tools do we use?

When you put up a poster it can be very effective. People walk past it, check it out and ideally go to the website. And after a while, boom, a new purchase. But the poster does not tell you who is looking at the poster and who is not, how old they are, what they are interested in and whether they visit the website or not. Fortunately, this is different in the wonderful world of the internet. With the right resources, you can find out everything about the users of your website or profile and about their internet behavior. You can use this information to make the path to conversion as accessible as possible. Because you know your target group well. We also like to use smart tools to collect user data. We list them for you.

Google Analytics

You must have heard of it. Use to collect everything about your website visitors. It tells you a lot about your target audience and that makes sense for advertising. But if you want to increase the conversion on your website, you can better look at the behavior of the user. Whether it is about reading information, registering for the newsletter or making a purchase.

A few tips to collect valuable information:

  • Put your call-to-action on one page (often the start page) and make that the center of your website.
  • Look at the bounce rate. If visitors are gone quickly, try to improve the page.
  • See where your visitors come from. Do not many people come from Google? Improve your SEO. Do many come via Facebook without advertising? On a roll!

Facebook Pixel

While Google Analytics tells a lot about the behavior of your website visitors, the Facebook Pixel keeps a Facebook ID of your website visitors. So it’s the perfect combination of technology and online advertising. It makes your Facebook ads more effective and efficient. We too have discovered the options that this tool can offer.

This is how you optimize your ads on Facebook with the Facebook Pixel:

  • Create a continuous advertisement for people who have already visited your website. This reminder on Facebook often ensures a high Click Through Rate.

Tip: The advertisement can also be targeted at visitors to a specific page of the website.

  • Exclude people who have been to your website before. This way you only reach a new target group, but you can remain specific.
  • Let Facebook create a comparable target group and target your ads accordingly. The target group consists of people of the same age, with the same interests and more.

Social Media

We use Facebook a lot. And Facebook, like for example LinkedIn, has its own interface for viewing all statistics and data about the people who view your page. You can use this data to set the right audience when advertising. It is good to occasionally review this data. This way you as a company know who you tell your story to.

Instagram can also be a good way to personally approach your target group. There is a large range of tools that give you insight into your Insta statistics, which unfortunately often pays. Good news: Soon Instagram will come up with a platform that provides insight into your account, your target group and your advertisement

5 golden tips for growing

Do it right and you can grow quickly with a few smart methods. Of course, this varies per company, branch and target group. Where do you start then? We give you 5 golden tips to get you started.

  • Choose a clear main goal for your website.
  • Make conversion as easy as possible for the user.
  • Reward your users.
  • Make sure sharing is very attractive.
  • Go for efficiency, not for a large range. It comes naturally.


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