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Content marketing 2019: 5 trends and developments

Content marketing 2019: 5 trends and developments

The new year is still young, and that means it’s time to take a look ahead: what does 2019 have in store for us? In the area of content marketing, a lot has changed in recent years and that will not be different in the coming year. The marketing world is in full swing and before you know it, all sorts of new tools, technologies and trends are already springing up like mushroom: no time to let your attention slip.

What are the not to be missed content marketing trends and developments for 2019?

1: Content marketing ís marketing

In the year 2019, content marketing can no longer be ignored from your marketing strategy; it is an effective way to bind customers, generate more traffic to your website and attract new leads. You would almost forget that content marketing as we know it is a relatively new phenomenon. Until a few years ago, content marketing was mainly seen as a ‘side project’ and it was something that was done, provided that there was time for it of course. Where people used to scratch their heads and wondered: what is content marketing really? Today that’s a different story: in 2019 content marketing is just marketing and it takes a central role.

content marketing

But the proven effectiveness and unprecedented popularity of content also has a downside: the competition is fierce. Try to stand out in all that marketing violence with your blog, video, whitepaper or infographic. Timelines become overcrowded and the organic reach of both social media and Google decreases. A good content strategy is therefore essential and many tactics that used to work are no longer sufficient these days. Only producing content to produce is no longer sufficient.

So, what does work?

2: Quality content – Long format

More and more companies discover the power of content marketing. This ensures that consumers see an abundance of content. You will therefore have to come from good house if you want your content to be actually seen and read.

Occasionally writing a quick blog is no longer enough.

The time of snackable content is no longer; content must be relevant and profound. A development that has already been announced in the past year and promises to become more visible in the coming year is the increasing popularity of so-called long-form content. Think of documentaries, podcasts and longreads, or valuable articles that consist of more than 2,000 words.

quality content

“Less is more” no longer applies in 2019. In fact, the consumer likes to take the time for surprising, unique or valuable content.

3: Multimedial

With all the technological and digital developments over the past year – think of Artificial Intelligence, Voice Search, Marketing Automation and chat bots – it is very tempting to watch campaigns in the virtual, online domain and to anticipate these developments. A striking trend is therefore the dedication and rediscovery of the power of offline marketing resources, such as folders, magazines and offline events. The old-fashioned print is completely back! The print as a valuable and exclusive information carrier with which you can show how much you care about the recipient.

But also think of offline events such as open days and lectures: events where like-minded people can meet each other. Here, as a content marketer, you make photos and (live) videos from, which you can share on social media, your website and in the newsletter.

In the coming year, there are many opportunities for a smart marketing mix of offline and online content.

4: Purpose marketing

Content marketing in 2019 revolves around the words authenticity and trust. Consumers appreciate authenticity and are more likely to become customers if they trust you. As a brand, it is important to stand for something, to tell a fair story and to communicate these values in a consistent way. Selling baked air is therefore a no-go; you will not get away with it in 2019. Position yourself and your company in social discussions. Do not be afraid that customers will walk away when you speak. On the contrary: that is precisely what customers and consumers expect from a company.

5: Strong content strategy is essential

Now that the consumer is flooded with content, having a very strong content strategy is more crucial than ever before. Instead of immediately starting to create and publish content, it is essential to formulate sharp targets in advance and to ensure measurable KPI’s. This way you increase the chance that consumers see and actually read your content. Especially if you cut up the content in different parts, also called content atomization.

This way you keep the attention of the visitor longer and your message comes across better.

content strategy

All in all: it promises to be a nice new year with exciting developments.