An Agent's Biggest Mistake...

Remember when you first got started as a real estate agent?

Becoming a real estate agents is often mistaken for automatic freedom.

Any Real Estate Agent in the 6 figure hustle would say it’s everything freedom.

Constant doorknocking, cold calling and flyering neighbourhoods.

Once you’ve surpassed the 7 figure mark in your business and have teams with systems and processes then you could have that freedom you wished for.

But with every single agent seeking advice from the same “gurus’ who don’t even practice what they preach anymore, everyone is doing the exact same thing,

Which is exchanging time for money.

But no….there’s nothing wrong with that.

Most agents build successful careers off traditional methods but ask yourself:

“Can I really wait that long?”

I mean let’s face it.

The attrition rate in the industry is at an all time high.

87% of agents fail. Why?

Well simply put, they are all doing the same exact thing.

Prospects don’t like it either. They probably get cold called and doorknocked daily from all the other agents.

So then what makes you any more special?

No truly… what makes you special?

You’re a grown up that runs their own business. You can do whatever you want.

You can wake up a noon.

You can watch TV all day today.

You can take 10 trips a year.

You can do what you want, when you want with who you want, which is the definition of freedom.

But ask yourself, “Can I really get that freedom?”

Even if you do get that freedom, it’ll be way later on in life and well…that sucks.

This is what is happening to almost every new and experienced agent.

They feel stuck and paralyzed in a state of “agent hell.”

Now here’s the kicker…

You may be new and recently licensed.

You may have exhausted all your databases and need more business.

You can’t rely upon referrals.

So what’s next?

Using technology and systems to automate and grow your real estate business at scale.

And no, it’s not just online leads.

We’ve worked with top producing agents and teams and they all share this in common.

They don’t just doorknock and cold call their way to success.

At least not in this era.

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