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5 Online Marketing Tips For Restaurants

5 Online Marketing Tips For Restaurants

Every city in the world has a large number of restaurants and reviews on TripAdvisor cannot be kept up to date. It can be difficult to be distinctive as a restaurant online, while there is a lot of business out there and it is expected that this will only increase.

Even if you have been working on the culinary path for a while, it can be difficult to provide visitors with online information as well as serving guests. We share 5 indispensable online marketing tips that help you conquer the market and ensure that the right guests step in at the right time!

1. Get to know your potential guest

The wine flows generously and you know exactly whether that one table is ready for dessert. Your flawless hospitality intuition will not let you down and you always know how to come up with suitable proposals and think along. “Reading” guests is important. In this way, you build up a bond in a short time, ensure that the smile remains on your face and that the chance of a returning visitor is increased.

Deepening into the guest on a busy evening is essential, but deepening into online guests is just as important. Why? Understanding the potential guest and serving them tailor-made online increases the chance that a potential guest will soon be seated in your restaurant. How do you read that potential guest? Dive into the statistics and data! For example, think of:

  • Facebook Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Instagram Analytics
  • Google keyword analysis

Pay attention to which channels are used most often to make a reservation, how long this takes on average and which other content the visitor finds interesting. Want to delve into data marketing? Good news: we have already summarized that information in Data marketing and growth hacking. This is how you do it!

2. “Use” the guest

A satisfied guest normally leaves a smile and hopefully a tip after the delicious dishes and the excellent service he has just received. However, much more can be gained from this. For example, ask to leave a review on the website or on one of the many booking sites that yield the most for your restaurant. In addition, it is sometimes difficult to provide a fun photo or video content on a busy evening, so ask the guest. Consider a giveaway in which the best photo of the evening with the associated hashtag wins a good bottle of wine. Then take the photos and let the guest tell how good your restaurant is. In summary, use the guest for:

  • Reviews
  • Photos on social media

3. Use all the possibilities of local SEO

Distinguishing capacity as a restaurant often happens in the first instance in the town or village of the establishment. Therefore, ensure that all possibilities of “local SEO” are utilized. Local SEO means that the website of the restaurant is easy to find in search engines when the potential guest is looking for a restaurant nearby. In addition to the standard SEO (such as meta-descriptions, title tags and focus keywords) you should consider the following components:

  • Full view on Google My Business
  • Display in Google Maps
  • A good representation of the address
  • Content-focused on local expertise
  • Collaboration with local online media (for example, invite journalists and ask them to write an honest review)

4. Sell more than a place in the restaurant

Your restaurant probably stands for much more than a table with a chair and a good evening meal. Even McDonald’s has formulated an extensive vision on the website:

Good Food Fast is the credo of McDonald’s. Quality on all fronts is central. This means that we want to offer every guest the best quality and a varied choice. Everyone should be able to make a tasty choice at McDonald’s at any time, in a pleasant restaurant environment.

Although this vision is probably not in the mind of the average McDonald’s visitor, this is what keeps the organization deeply alive. Pure reservation for a plate of food rarely happens, because you as a guest invest in an experience. This experience must be well expressed online because the potential guest is in the orientation phase. How do you sell this vision and experience online?

  • Let the employee speak in a blog on the websiteµ
  • As the owner, explain why the restaurant was established
  • Share unique recipes on social media
  • Share photos and videos of atmospheric evenings in the restaurant

5. Work with campaigns

Will your restaurant be in existence for 5 years or is there a new menu? That is a good time to introduce a promotion and to surprise the target group with an online advertising budget with this action. Thanks to the sharp targeting options of for example Instagram, Facebook and Google AdWords, a cost-effective campaign can be set up cost-effectively. Is there an e-mail database? Then this is a suitable time to inform the people in that database with a visually appealing campaign email about the campaign and the promotion.


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