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Build an Effective Real Estate Landing Page in 2 Steps

Build an Effective Real Estate Landing Page in 2 Steps

Did you know … an effective landing page can be a very powerful marketing tool for your agency?

A landing page that offers a piece of quality content in exchange for the visitors’ contact information is a proven marketing technique.  It works for almost any niche or business and is especially powerful en effective in real estate.

Attention Realtors: Aren’t you the ones with access to important real estate information in your area or market segment that offers great value to both buyers and sellers?  So why aren’t you using it in a manner that is proven to produce leads and essentially more customers and clients?

effective landing pages for real estate

The trick to this and one of the best lead generation tactics there is available to use is for you to offer this valuable information and/or content in an appealing manner, like a free pdf, video, podcast, etc on a “Landing Page”.  Applying this nifty trick will result in a number of benefits starting with more incoming leads for your business.  And I’m not talking about the 3% that is ready to buy now, but the 97% of other people that you can now nurture and educate, so when the time comes for them to buy, they will buy from you!

Setting up an effective landing page is easy.  It doesn’t take a lot of time.  It doesn’t require any technical design or website knowledge.  The main key is Keep It Simple.  Offer something of value, something you know your target audience will be interested in, on the page and you’ll soon realize the significant benefits.

Here are the 2 simple steps to an effective real estate landing page:

  1. Clean page design with a clear offer of value for the visitor.
  2. Optin form displayed instantly on the page (above the fold, so no scrolling needed!).

That’s all you need to have, no fluff, no bells, and no whistles.  You don’t necessarily need a web designer to build it.  You can do it yourself, and you should because it flat-out WORKS!

Now, about point one,  use a headline on your page and pose a question.  In the example below it asks … “Looking For A Quick Offer?” and then a few bullet points and an optin form clearly displayed on the page.  That is a perfect example of Landing Page Design 101 and it’s all an effective landing page needs.

example landing page

So the big question for you realtors is … “Why aren’t you offering information and content in a way that produces incoming leads like clockwork?”

Not sure where to start?  Let’s chat!

Once again… landing page marketing works for every type of business, no matter the niche.  It works in real estate and can be very beneficial for your business.  So take a few minutes and get started with it.

A final tip: Once your page is live, simply integrate the page into all of your marketing efforts, distribute it on all your channels.  Use it with anything you do, your Facebook posts, your newsletter, your blog posts, your printed media, and everything else.

Start by linking to it from your homepage, this way you can drive visitors from your main website to a page that is specially designed to actually capture leads.  It will make your agency site more effective at lead generation.


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