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10 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Donald Trump

10 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Donald Trump

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Donald Trump and you know he’s currently the president of the United States.

When Donald Trump first announced he was going to run for president, no one took him seriously. He was noisy, boisterous and lacked refinement, but over time people began to realize that Trump actually had much more power and appeal and that he really made a big difference in polls and debates.

Since he started his presidential campaign, Trump has always been in the media and has received more press than any other candidate. He is also currently one of the leaders of the Republican party.

How can this be since Trump has no experience in politics? Many people think it’s because of the deadly marketing campaign.

It’s not about politics, but looking at Trump’s campaign and evaluating why it was so good to take it where it is today. By splitting your campaign and researching the strategies, your company can also mimic some of its ideas and turn your brand into a winning brand at the polls.

Many analysts and marketing experts who have followed the Trump campaign even believe that if he is very aggressive, it cannot be denied that he is by far the best known, most talked about and most reported candidate. .

Let’s take a look at 10 of Trumps marketing strategies that have helped him achieve that goal.

1. He Knows His Audience

Donald Trump has carefully selected the target group. You could say it would be the same for every Republican candidate. Trump went further and focused on a small group of Republican voters. He did this by investigating the biggest frustrations of Republican voters and then giving them a voice.

When Trump speaks during his debates, he does not try to express everyone’s emotions. Instead, he knows what he wants, he expresses his opinion and he doesn’t care whether he is loved or not. This mentality is exactly what the target group speaks.

Your brand can adopt a similar mentality by clearly defining the target group. Once you have defined your target group, you avoid being tempted by other target groups or taking other users into account. Instead, know your audience, stay true to your mission and don’t try to satisfy everyone, because it will weaken your results.

It can be much more powerful to target a smaller, more brand-friendly audience than to target a larger audience that may not respond.

2. He Knows His Brand

Donald Trump earned billions of dollars while creating his empire, and his presidential campaign was partly successful because he knows what it takes to turn an idea into a brand.

In addition to his presidency, Trump is also a real estate developer, a TV presenter, an author and a complete businessman. He created his company and knew who he was, what his strengths are and how he can create a brand around these factors.

Donald Trump may not have the CV of a president, but he knows how to focus on his strengths and built his campaign around it. This has allowed voters to have faith in him and in what he promises.

Your company can do the same by really knowing what you represent and knowing your strengths. Consider your brand and make a list of your top three or four strengths, and then work on building your campaign around these strengths.

When you do that, not only will your brand appear more powerful, but it will also communicate directly with customers what your company represents and what they can expect. This will also help to create a climate of trust in the minds of your consumers.

3. He Knows How To Make People Talk

Hopefully you want people to talk about your brand in a positive way. However, Trump can prove that any speech, even negative, can be good.

Since the start of his campaign, Trump has made extravagant and outrageous statements that no presidential campaign has ever dared to say before. There is, however, a strong correlation between press releases about Donald Trump’s daring remarks and an increase in voting behavior.

The reason is that Trump’s main supporters respect him for telling his truth and therefore feel obliged to show more support when he does. In fact, it seems that the more Trump becomes excessive, the more people come out to support him.

This tactic will not help you get closer to the general public, it will however help you find your tribe and your most loyal followers.

“Love him or hate him, Donald Trumps polarising character and opinions are gaining him serious attention on social media channels. The number one predictor in virality on social media is how angry an article makes the reader…with this being the case Donald Trump’s polarising opinions garner him some serious eye balls on Social Media” said Sabri Suby.

For more people to talk about your brand, it is important that it has something interesting. It is not necessary that everyone talks about it, but as long as your target audience can talk about it, your work is almost complete.

Talk to your audience about how you can help, comment on problems that don’t work, adopt outdated practices and explain what needs to change in your area. Don’t be afraid to make bold comments, because these comments often make your industry speak out.

The more buzz you can create in your industry, the greater the chance that you will have customers. Remember that by creating a craze, you don’t get everyone to like you, but it will help you find your tribe.

4. He Doesn’t Seek Approval

Many presidential candidates will have focus groups where they will test some of their theories and ideas to see how the audience reacts. As you can probably guess, Trump has no focus group.

Trump seems to say what he wants, when he wants it, but he is probably accompanied by a team that leads him through the game.

Anyway, another reasons why people have responded to Donald Trump is that he says what he thinks and does not try to shape his ideas by appealing to many people. His incomprehensible and unpolished attitude also contributes to his attraction when people cling to it, awaiting what crazy comments he will say.

He does not need the approval of the audience or even the majority of the audience, he has a cause, he believes in it and that is enough for him.

Your brand can adopt a similar mentality by believing in your products and services without the need to ask 1000 different people if they like it or if they have other ideas.

Of course, while market research can be useful, you may have to bite the bullet and use your own idea. You could spend your entire life trying to make a product that fits all ideas and needs, but sometimes you just have to follow your idea and see what happens, the results may surprise you.

5. He Uses Controversy To His Advantage

The controversy was one of the main benefits of campaigning by Donald Trump. He worked on sensitive topics and exposed them to lime to make people respond and generate press.

Although much of what he said, it stuck in hot water and contributed to the loss of deals between very large trading partners such as NBC, Macy’s, Serta, Univision and many others. others absorbed all of this controversy and used it to add fuel to his fire.

His controversial remarks helped to get the debate going, to get politicians to talk and to give the public all over the world something to talk about. At a roundabout, even if he loses a number of contracts because of his comments, he risks winning the biggest contract of his career by becoming president.

While we don’t recommend that your brand makes controversial comments for fun, fans and followers can help them to think differently about your brand, products, and services. It can even encourage your subscribers to think that they need or benefit from your products or services.

Another strategy to take into account is that if your company was controversial, instead of denying it or trying to hide it, try to own it and stick to your company’s statements. You can also use controversial comments as a method of pressing for a new product or service that offers a solution.

6. He Is Active On Social Media

To date, Donald Trump has more than 6.2 million followers on Twitter, which is considerably more than any other politician involved in the presidential campaign. Trump even has a social clientele that is almost ten times as large as other prominent candidates.

Looking at his Twitter feed, Trump is also a regular update program and seems to share many thoughts, triumphs and statistics about his process and activities. In fact, the tweets about Donald Trump’s actions are simple, clearly emphasize his position about what he defends and are very easy to follow.

It is also faster than any other candidate to update his status and reports real-time events as much as possible.

Trump was also able to use his Twitter account to get out of trouble and reduce any negative reactions he would otherwise have received. He has also used it to comment on other candidates who often do not respond until the damage has been remedied.

For brands and marketers, this strategy is not only intended to have social media accounts, but also to update them regularly in real time. Social media is definitely a technology “right now” and to stay relevant and make people talk, your tweets and messages should be focused on real-time events as much as possible.

Likewise, installing share buttons on your website will let you know when your audience responds to your content and how you can meet your audience’s needs.

Social media have certainly been a powerful tool for Donald Trump during his campaign, which proves that your company also has a lot to gain by enjoying a strong social membership.

7. He Knows How To Create A Dynamic

Donald Trump may not be president yet, but if you look at his campaign so far from the beginning to the end, you will see that he has followed a rather interesting formula.

At the beginning of his campaign, Trump needed to gain momentum, so he came out with his outrageous statements and crazy comments. Then, he needed to create recognition by getting the public to speak from the public and he is now in the phase of building experience and trust.

To summarize, Donald Trump seems to have followed this path during his campaign:

  • Build momentum
  • Building Recognition
  • Construction experience
  • Build trust

It is this formula that made Trump win the presidency. Whether it succeeds or not, it’s another story, but your brand can use it in many ways to help grow your business.

In fact, this strategy is ideal for product launches, marketing campaigns, etc. of your company. In fact, this strategy can really be your step-by-step solution to gain more customers and increase your income.

You must first create momentum for your products and services and have your brand recognized. To do this, you can get involved in social media, in your local community, create a blog or series of webinars, or promote your product.

Once you have gained momentum and recognition, it’s time to work on building a solid experience for your clients. When your customers knock on your doorstep or sign up to join your community, try giving them a first-rate experience that will help them trust you and fall in love with your brand.

8. He Built Himself Into Celebrity Status

Of course, Donald Trump had his own TV show called “The Apprentice”, but his campaign was able to strengthen his status and make him a celebrity.

A few things help support Donald Trump’s celebrity status, including the people he knows, his money, and the power he has in his industry. Of course, all the press on television has also helped.

Even if your brand does not need to spend a lot of money on TV shows, marketing and the press to adopt a “celebrity status”, it can be beneficial to simply align your business with some of the big leaders in your industry. .

To do this, all you have to do is go to networking events, take photos, tweet and comment on the thoughts and popular expressions of leaders in your industry. You can also follow your favorite leaders on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter, and reply or write to their comments. If you manage to get a retweet or response from the industry leader, post it on your social pages.

Although you do not need to worry too much about it, a few mentions and links with leaders in your sector can certainly help promote awareness of your business and build trust.

People naturally trust when they see a celebrity endorsing a product or service and sometimes these effects may be the same if you simply have a mention in a celebrity’s social media.

9. He Has A Catchy Slogan

“Make America Great Again” is Donald Trump’s slogan in his campaign. He even has a hashtag, t-shirts, hats and promotional material with his slogan.

Unlike other presidential candidates, Trump’s slogan is catchy, powerful and delivered with strong conviction. He knows his slogan is part of how his audience will behave with him and sums up exactly what he represents.

Trump’s promotional slogan is also catchy and easily remembers the public. In fact, no other presidential candidate has proposed such a popular slogan as Trump.

Does your brand have a slogan?

If you look at major brands around the world, they often have a slogan that is just as identifiable as the brand itself.

For example, McDonald’s “I love it”, Apple has “Think Different” and Nike “Just Do It”. All of these slogans help develop energy and brand sentiment and communicate what the brand stands for.

If your brand does not have a slogan, offering media to use in your marketing and advertising campaigns can provide significant benefits. To offer a slogan, make sure it’s short and appealing, catchy, memorable and highlights what sets your brand apart from others.

Once you have found a good slogan, use it as a hashtag, in your blog, in your tweets and in your marketing materials. Your slogan may take a bit of time, but over time and with persistent use, people will soon learn to recognize it.

10. He Knows How To Protect His Brand

Even if that does not always seem the case, Donald Trump is very selective as for the choice of the mark.

“If I were to put Trump on everything that came my way- from potato chips to paper clips, the power of my name would be diluted. I am very demanding and selective about where that name goes. And I always try to make sure the letters are in gold.- Donald Trump

Similarly, if you run a financial business, Snapchat advertising may not be the best way to communicate for your business unless you are specifically approaching the millennium market.

Knowing where to put your brand and where to focus your marketing is really important because it helps your brand to be touched by the people who really matter to you.

When you start advertising your name or brand on products that do not match your overall mission, it diminishes the perceived value of your business and jeopardizes your brand.

Although it is important to go out, it is equally important to know where you start planting your seeds. As Trump rightly pointed out, if you start putting your brand on the Internet without worrying about the quality of what you do, you risk diluting the power of your brand.

Think about the market you are targeting when it comes to promoting your brand, and stick to it because it will be much more profitable and profitable in the long run.


Although many people may disagree with some of the comments or the style of his campaign, Donald Trump has certainly attracted attention.

Part of its success can really be attributed to its marketing strategy and the way it is designed to create a strong customer base of loyal fans and followers of social media.

Although it remains to be seen what will happen further down the road, there is no doubt that Donald Trump, the man with little experience, a boisterous mouth and a billionaire lifestyle, is one of the most powerful messages in the world thanks to his clever Marketing Campaign.